Business Approach



The objective of Schwegmann & Co. Beteiligungs GmbH is to achieve above average capital
appreciation by acquiring majority stakes in companies with a potentially strong and technically sound business but which are in a distressed or impaired situation.


These situations of distress or impairment may include companies in

  •  in insolvency proceedings,
  •  in a pre-insolvency distressed situation,
  •  with a shareholder structure that is either complex and
  •  or includes shareholders that are themselves distressed,
    and also include companies

  •  with significant financial underperformance,
  •  with an inadequate balance sheet structure, or
  •  with non-performing units.
    Regional Focus is on Central and Eastern Europe.


    Schwegmann & Co. Beteiligungs GmbH will also acquire companies from overleveraged buyout funds and companies that have been neglected by conglomerates. Such acquisitions may
    also include undervalued real estate which will then be developed with business partners
    concentrating in this field.